We Are Family in Progress

I have officially started photographing my 30-day project and I am excited now.

For this project, I am working on a photo story of a trans-racial family living in Columbia and would like to have them share their experiences. Mr. Gavin and Ms. Mullin have a biological daughter and an adopted son from Ethiopia. The two kids are 10 months apart and currently they are both 4 years old.

I was with them at the dog park at the Twin Lakes Recreation Area. They took their two dogs, Scolly and Boomer, out to have some fun.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I was also with them at home while they were setting up bunk beds for the sister and brother.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The family is delightful to work with. Usually, younger kids are a bit hard to photograph because sometimes they are afraid of strangers and sometimes they are very aware of the camera and would like to act out a bit in front of the camera. But the two kids are none of that, which is great for me to observe their personality and their interactions before I take photographs of them.

I will keep things rolling and planning to show different aspects of their family life. So far, I have arranged with Ms. Mullin that I will be photographing their playing group with a few families, them going to the public library, and Ms. Mullin picking the two kids up from school.

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