We Are Family Progress 2

After photographing the family walking dogs at the dog park and setting up bunk beds, I spend a few occasions to photograph their daily life.

Last Wednesday afternoon, the kids had some fun with their friends from the playgroup. The playgroup has about five or six families and about seven or eight children together having some fun.

The afternoon light was great to take photograph, and I think I got better at photographing a group of kids.

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Last Thursday morning, they went to the Columbia Public Library. The family visits the library quite often and they check out a lot of children’s books with them every time. The kids played the computers, picked the books that they liked, Ms. Mullin read to the kids, and the kids met a new friend and played together at the library.

The reason that I particularly want to photograph them in the library is that they were treated rudely at the library by a librarian a few months ago. Ms. Mullin was standing next to the sister and brother and watching the two getting water at the water fountain. The kids were getting along with each other when a librarian walked towards them. The librarian walked pass Ms. Mullin and the sister, then stopped by the brother and asked him where is his mother and why is he wondering around by himself. After Ms. Mullin told the librarian that these are her kids, the librarian just said “Oh” and walked away. Both of the kids had a break down that night. The librarian had the preconceived notion that because of their racial differences, they must be different families and the little boy must belonged to a Black family. So, for this part, I focused on photographing them as a family being together at the library and the little boy interacting with other kids.

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I also went to their school to photograph Ms. Mullin picking the kids up yesterday. The kids go to the First Baptist Children Development Center three days a week and get off at 1 p.m. each day. I photographed them playing at the school playground with their friend.

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My story is rolling, and everything goes well with the family. I know that I do not have too much details but I don’t think it’s necessary for this story and I think my main problems right now is to get a lede photograph. Also, I am not sure what are some other occasions that is good to add to the story.

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